Behind every great kid's adventure, are parents and leaders who work together to make memorable experiences for the next generation. Here are some of our great leaders who we hope you get to know.

Clover STEMs Leaders

Club Leader - Jim

Growing up on a family farm in Lovelock, Jim was exposed to many aspects of the natural sciences from an early age. As he got older he gravitated towards technology. At the age of 9 he was writing his first BASIC programs on the family's Atari 800 computer. He taught himself electric circuits and electronics over the years to help out on the farm (and to keep his hand-me-down cars running through high school). He completed 3 years of Mechanical Engineering @ Nevada before deciding choosing information systems as his final degree. Jim enjoys bringing these "geek-out sessions" to the youth and sharing his Jack of All Trades - Master of None background to this club.

Email - kjeldsen775@yahoo.com

Phone/Text - 775-842-0015

Assistant Club Leader

We currently have a leader who has stepped up to fill this spot and is working on their training for the position.

Looking for more adults to complete Youth Protection (below). We will need additional chaperones for upcoming field trips!

How to Become a Leader

Just ask! We are always in need of help with running our pack. And we have several opportunities that fit in with your skill sets.

Here are the steps: